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    Insane CPU Utilization by Intel Remote Keyboard App on Compute Stick


      I bought the STK2m364CC a few months ago and installed Windows 10 Pro and the Intel Remote Keyboard software on it.  While the app has always worked initially, over time the CPU utilization gets up to 90% (see attached photo).  Usually what will happen is that I’ll use my Compute Stick and then let it go to sleep after I’m done.  When I come back hours later or the next day, the system is close to locked up as the Remote Keyboard host app is hogging most of the processing power.  If I restart the Compute Stick, everything works but I’m just repeating the cycle.  I found one other post on the Intel forums where someone had a similar issue while using the app but with a NUC.  However, I haven’t found anything to fix the issue.  I’ve tried a clean installation of Windows, and uninstalling and reinstalling the app without any luck.  Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.