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    GPU Passthrough again....




      I am trying to figure out how and if to do GPU Passthrough, on a NUC7i3.

      I think this is more a generic problem with the Intel HD Graphics 620 and Derivates on Core i CPUs than a problem specific to the NUC.


      I came over this post, which makes me a bit unhappy:


      In NUC6i7KYK, Can the GPU passthrough to the guest VM so that the guest VM can output directly on the HDMI port?


      Question was: Does the Hardware Support GPU Passthrough into a VM?

      Answer reads like: Ask the VM Manufacturer, because we don't know what our hardware is capeable of!  (sorry for the sarcasm)



      So lets work on that Passthrough, I am using KVM on Linux here, but I guess its the same on XEN and ESX:


      As soon as I try to pass the GPU over to the Guest (linux because that is a bit more debug friendly) it tells me: "Failed to Find VBIOS Tables (VBT)"  My best shot as of now is that those tables are coded somewhere in the VBIOS PCI Rom, and thats the tricky part.


      For GPU Passthrough this PCI Rom is read out, and copied to the Memory of the VM, so the VM can access the Information. If I try to read the VBios PCI Rom of an Intel HD Graphics Board I get a big file containing 0xff Bytes. It is possible to provide a rom to the virtualization, if there is any.


      Can the Hardware do PCI Passthrough? Is it worth going through all this?

      Is it possible to obtain a working copy of a VBios PCI Rom, if we can extract one out of the system, which tool can we use?