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    X710 NICs on Hyper-V 2016, can't set performance to Virtualization


      We have two Hyper-V 2016 servers in core mode, both have a pair of Intel X710 Adapters. Both have Hyper-V role enabled and the latest Intel firmware, drivers and Windows patches.


      Using the PowerShell commands I see that the performance profile is "Standard server".  Normally if Hyper-V is detected the performance profile is automatically set to 'Virtualization' by the driver however this is not the case here.


      I have tried to set this using this PowerShell command:


      Set-IntelNetAdapterSetting -Name *X710* -RegistryKeyword PerformanceProfile -RegistryValue 5


      But an error is thrown:


      Set-IntelNetAdapterSetting : The setting could not be modified because the specified value is invalid for this device or setting.


      Any suggestions please?