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    No Digital output Intel 4000 card Windows 10 1709 DQ77MK


      Within the past few weeks, our Windows 10 installations (through MDT) no longer output video when using a DVI cable. Intel drivers - Default when installed - Rolled back version - Downloaded from Intel

      Last week, I could roll back to the Generic Microsoft Display Driver and get Digital output, but that doesn't seem to be working anymore.


      We've had seemingly different issues with the 77s where they would lose video (always on the DVD-D white ports) in the past. Sometimes updating the drivers, sometimes uninstalling, reinstalling, sometimes resetting the BIOS and ultimately as of late shutting down fully seems to be the fix.


      But none of these fixes work for this particular issue. They would work for some time on the DVI-D ports before "failing". This is straight off of the MDT load that we have no digital video on either DVI-D or DVI-I ports with a a DVI cable. Using a DVI to VGA adapter and VGA cable consistently works.


      I suspect a recent Windows 10 update, but I'm hoping someone might be able to point us to one if you've seen the same issue.