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    Tired of the burping on my browser


      I have a fairly new pc.. its an Acer Aspire... with graphics card by intel.. I have been told that my graphics card is playing up when I do anything with graphics.. I am a facebook game player but there is so much lag and or burping on the screen I can't play anything.. it also does it on any web browser and any game I have downloaded on my pc.. I have the Intel Pentium CPU J2900 2.41 Ghz.2417 Mhz etc etc.. technical language confuses me.. sorry.. My pc has 900 GB of memory and only just over 100 GB used.. so plenty of memory.. I have downloaded the newest drivers so it says but no difference. Is it my graphics card that is not able to process too many graphics? I have never run into this problem before and dont know how to fix it. I am just frustrated and annoyed that I can't do what I want on my pc.. I have plenty of memory and ram and a good internet speed .. have checked all of these ..need imput please.. Do I need a new graphics card and if so which one is best or which one can I buy for my pc..