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    Cannot load chipset driver. Neither Nlite or Floppy work.


      Hi folks,


      I have tried every way to get WinXP PRO to detect my SATA internal storage HDD - and none of them have worked.


      Loading the drivers using the F6 floppy method kept resulting in the message iaStor.sys is corrupted .


      As an alternative I have been using Nlite to integrate the drivers into a new WINXP install disc. I downloaded the RST chipset drivers from the Intel website for my specific chipset (5000X) into a new WINXP installation disc and although the OS installs properly it still cannot detect the internal SATA HDD.


      Although my OS is 32 bit I have tried slipstreaming separate 32 bit and 64 bit WINXP installation discs (in desperation) just in case the 64 bit version worked and have had no success with either.


      I don’t know what else I can do?


      Please - does anyone have an answer?