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    Can You Help Simplify vPro?


      Hello Intel vPro experts!


      I remember seeing vPro live when Intel used to do Technical Solutions Trainings (TST) on the road


      That was 4/5 years ago on the 3rd generation NUC!


      Being able to remote to a computer at a BIOS level is a huge asset to an IT guy


      I want to do vPro on the 7th generation NUC


      Obviously, I need a NUC with vPro


      QUESTION is, what else do I need?


      If I want to access NUCs on the LAN, do I just need an AMT server?


      What if I want to access NUCs remotely without VPN to the network?


      I see demos using Labtech RMM, but thats like 4 years old



      I greatly appreciate the help...