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    can your intel nuc work like htpc with windows10?


      I bought one intel nuc a few years back preinstalled with windows 10 home, i gave it to my grandfather now.

      what I liked about it,

      + It is small and fit anywhere.

      what I don't like about it,

      - wireless keyboard didn't work, I tried wrapping the whole nuc front with aluminum foil and it did work, so ok the problem is some kind of inteference

      - intel graphic is a mess, i have total media theater 6, powerdvd 16 or 17, jriver 22 or 23, the thing is I can't get them displaying movie at normal speed

      - audio bitstream didn't work, I saw the whole thread about cvare helping everyone to get this working, unfortunately my nuc is older model and not hdmi 2.0


      bottom line, nuc users, can your intel nuc work like htpc with windows 10?

      why do I asked this question? I would like to buy newer model and use it with hdmi & bitstreaming, i don't want it to have problem like before.


      Note: I did tried to register intel communities few year back but failed to register, any username I typed didn't work, I wrote to Intel about it and felt like replying to some automatic answering machine. so I gave up.


      thanks in advanced