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    Frequent stream freezing 415




      In the RealSense viewer I often get streams freezing (no frames received). I get this using librealsense in my own code too. It seems to be more common if I am streaming RGB at 1920x1080. My usual setup uses 1920x1080 RGB, 1280x720 Depth @ 15 FPS each. However I find that the stream can often freeze and return successfully frames but they are the same frames as before. So I could be capturing for 60 seconds and 1 stream is updating but the other stream has the same frame for the whole set. This happens frequently and sporadically. The worst part is that it does not cause any crashes so I am struggling to detect it. My plan was to try doing the hardware reset if I can detect this. Although, it is not an ideal solution. I am using the USB cables that cable with my unit and this happens on several different units.