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    Why such poor benchmarks with three X25M RAID0 on Adaptec 5405?


      I have three 80 GB X25-m (G2) on an Adaptec 5405.  The partition is aligned. Here's what I get on AS SSD Benchmark:Three-X25m-Adaptec5405.png

      238 MB/ SEC reads are not what I expected.  I expected about 600 MB/ SEC.  Write speed is mediocre.  I've got the latest Win64 drivers from Adaptec installed.  5405 firmware is V5.2-0 16507. I have read and write-back cache enabled, I have a battery-backup for the Adaptec 5405. This is not worth all the money this setup cost me.  The drives are new, they cost about $800 total and the controller was $225 on eBay.


      Using my X58 motherboard, here are the results from AS SSD Benchmark using these three X25M (G2) drives in Raid0 off the ICH10:as-ssd-bench Vista64 3.11.2010 12-39-28 PM.png

      Read performance looks great, due to cache. Write performance is awful.




      If I'm doing something wrong, someone please let me know.