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    Chipset driver confusion




      I have a rock solid system based on Win7x64 and in view of the recent meltdown/spectre threats I  have been actively looking for patches and solutions.


      I also took this opportunity to update any old driver in my system.


      My chipset is identified as "Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series". Its driver seems to be outdated (03/18/2011). The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant does not find any updated driver for it.


      I searched manually and found this file Download Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility)  but I'm confused as to whether it is ok to use it or not.


      I am hesitant to proceed because of the assistant reporting that there are no updates.


      Can I safely install the newer inf myself?


      Many thanks

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          The Chipset Device Software package does not install any device drivers. instead, what it does is install INF files that optimally configure the Microsoft-supplied drivers to work with Intel chipsets and processors. You should be running the very latest version of this package that you can. Now, this can be very confusing, because the current versions are 10.x but, for your older chipset, you need a 9.x version. Here is where you can download the very latest version that I can find: Download Intel® Chipset Device Software for Intel® Desktop Boards. It was posted to support Intel's Desktop Board products, but you can use it with virtually any manufacturer's motherboard.


          Now, as for the situation with the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, there is really nothing for you to install currently. Intel is working on a fix for the microcode issues uncovered two weeks ago and will be releasing updates to board manufacturers for the last 5 years worth of processors shortly (older processors that are affected will be updated later, I think). Now, these updates have to go to the board manufacturers and they must in turn generate a BIOS release that includes them. You install this new BIOS release and it installs the updated microcode shortly after the processor is powered on. As I say, it may be some time before the releases for the 6 Series boards and the corresponding 2nd generation Core processors. Again, you will need to get this as a BIOS update from your board's manufacturer.


          Hope this helps,


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            Thanks for your helpful answer. The installer you suggested reports successful completion but the infs were not updated as I saw in device manager. No reboot was requested and rebooting didn't change a thing afterwards.

            I used the browse option and let windows determine if there was a suitable driver without forcing anything for all devices with "intel" in their name and it worked fine ie the wizard reported that driver was updated. However I do not know how to verify if all the infs that could be updated, have been updated.

            Any ideas?

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              I attach a pic to show which devices I tampered with Screenshot 2018-02-06 16.18.09.jpg

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                Two more devices named "Intel" in the section USB controllers which appears at the bottom were also successfully updated.

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                  If what you are doing is right-clicking on the entries and selecting "Update Driver Software", then this is just fine. As a matter of fact, you could do this for *all* of the devices within the System Devices section (not just the ones with "Intel" in the name). Better yet, click on View and then on Show Hidden Devices and then go through and do the "Update Driver Software" on every entry in the System Devices section.


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                    Al Hill

                    Once you start doing this, have a drink with you, and a good net connection, as you will be spending several hours right-clicking and updating.


                    The good news is that once you do this, you will likely not have to do it again, ever.  Unless you get another system, or have another system.



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                      Yes, that is what I have been doing. I think I'll pass updating all those devices manually. I feel I'm not exactly understanding what I'm doing.


                      To be honest, if the installer had updated what I have updated manually, ie the intel-named items, I'd be considering the job done.

                      Every time I come across those devices I see that they are managed by MS drivers and only some "proprietary" ones were having infs from Intel or whoever else.


                      However if there are any devices that is strongly recommended to be updated to the new driver I'd be more than happy to do them, so I welcome more specific advice