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    CSM request for STK2m64CC


      I realize that STK2m64CC does not support windows 7. It is another thing entirely to actively prevent you from installing your OS of choice. I see no reason as to why CSM can not be added as Microsoft has recanted on not supporting win 7 on newer processors. I need to use windows 7 as it is the only OS which will support Ceton extenders and my use case as a HTPC server with minimal connections to a mounted LCD. It currently runs windows 8 with WMC but can not support these extenders a main requirement for my use case. Virtualizing W7 on a compute stick would be pointless as there is only 4GB/4 cores... My only other hope would be to hack the bios.

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          The CSM requires legacy hardware, including a SIO, in order to operate. This hardware is not available, so no chance of this request being fulfilled. Windows 7 simply isn't going to run.


          I have Ceton 6 tuner network tuner box, so would love to see MCE supported on Windows 10. Alas, this will never happen either.