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    Intel HD 630 - APC_INDEX_MISMATCH - igdkmd645.sys


      Hi community.

      I am experiencing a BSOD on my Optiplex 3050 with Intel i5-7500 CPU (HD Graphics 630).


      Connected are two identical monitors LG 23EA53. One via HDMI and the other via DisplayPort.


      The actual driver is the, but I also tried the one that DELL offers and the one that is provided by Microsoft update.

      Another member told to try an older version of the driver, but every driver results in the same BSOD.


      OS is Windows 10 Pro x64.


      I set the energy setting not to switch the monitors neither the system off. Only when I shut it down.

      It is strange, because even with those settings, sometines the system turns the monitors off. And on turning them back on moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard the BSOD occurs.


      What I noticed, is that the BSOD occurs often when I move files. Sometimes I have to leave the system doing the backup and when I come back the monitors are off. O turning them back on, the BSOD occurs and I have to restart the job.


      Already tried reinstalling windows with every driver mentioned above, but nothing helps. The error continues.


      Hope you can help me on this issue, people. I need to get the system stable.


      Regards!! And thanks in advance!