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    80GB wont break 132mbps, why not


      Brand new 80gb Intel ssd that i cant get to break the 132mbps mark. crystaldisk info says SATA2, I have an Acer 4810TZ-4011 with win 7 64 bit. please send help

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          Are you 100% sure Acer has enabled the 3 Gb/s mode?  There are laptops out there with chipsets that support SATA 2, but their BIOSes program the chipset to run at 1.5 Gb/s.

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            well after what yoiu said that may make since, no i am not sure they have enabled it in their Bios(whats stopping them) and i took it out and stuck it in my HTPC and it screams on the gigabyte mobo(so ssd is in good shape) seems to be a hardwrae issue like you said....stupid acer. what to do now.

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              try talk to Acer, explain to them the tests you've done and how it goes. they may be able to help you with the bios problem, like what ZXTT95 said.

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                from an intial response from them when i asked them what SATA generation was on the laptop, their only concern was that i changed out the hard drive and that wasnt part of the original equipment. i dont know how much help they will be they did send me this........


                Please find the Hard Disk Drive Interface details below.

                Max. media transfer rate (disk-buffer, Mbytes/s) is

                875 (Max. 3.0 Gbit/s Buffer-host data transfer)


                After verifying serial number we see that your product is in warranty.

                Having reviewed your email, I understand that you have changed the hard drive of your product and is having issues with its performance.

                Mike, it is preferred that you keep to the original configuration of your system so that all the programs and applications in your computer will recognize all the hardware installed in it. Please be advised that any changes or upgrades to the original configuration of the system are done so at the sole risk of you the end user.

                You may go through the following link: http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/notebook/2009/acer/aspire/Aspire4810TZ/Aspire4810TZsp2.shtml for the specifications of your product.

                For further assistance with regards to this issue you may call 1.800-237-6483. Calling cards are available for 30 minutes ($59.99), 90 minutes ($129.99), 15 issues ($199.99) and the validity will be 1 year or 30 issues ($299.99) and the validity will be 2 years.



                Looks like this will be the last Acer I purchase.