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    Bios, warranty, clock and contacting Intel


      Hi there!

      I bought a new Compute Stick, with Win10, 1 year ago. But when i try to update BIOS, the update fails and your homepage tells me, that Intel no longer supports this unit......., after 1 year?

      But when i look at warranty, i see, that your homepage tells me, that i have warranty until August 2018!?

      Quite confusing!

      I also have a problem with time. Every time i start up the compute stick, time has to be changed. But how can i get the compute stick fixed, under warranty, when i can not come in contact with Intel? I live in Denmark and Intel has no office here.

      Can anybody help me, giving me the email-adress to the Intel department, who can clear these issues and help me get the Compute Stick fixed. under warranty.

      Best regards

      Jan Aa. Petersen, Danmark