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    DP55WB Instability


      Hi Community,  I have a pretty wonky issue with this board.  First the techie stuff:  Board: DP55WB BIOS Rev:WBIBX10J.86A.0251.2010.0302.2003 Memory: Corsair XMS3 TW3X4G1333C9A CPU: i5-650 OS: W7 64bit No Overclocking  From day one this board has given me fits.  However, I am not ready to give up on it just yet as I do like Intel boards.  I won't bore anyone with the ancillary details of the issues to date.  Suffice it to say the issues ranged from not recognizing the i5-650 to the integrated NIC negotiating 10/half.  I have since solved the initial issues but now I am getting random windows stop errors.  After a stop error I MUST flash BIOS again in order to get the board to boot.  I can reboot several times with no POST tones, HDD, or USB activity.  Once I remove the BIOS config jumper and feed it the .BIO file the system flashes itself and successfully boots.  I can reboot all I want and it works fine until the next stop error after which it will not boot until I repeat the BIOS routine.  This may be coincidental but I doubt it.  This makes absolutely no sense and I am only mentioning it in case someone has had the same issue.  I have disabled speedstep as well as some of the other voltage related "features" to no avail.  I have manually set the memory timings and voltage to see if that has any effect.  I am reaching critical mass with this board and my frustration level is only rising.  I have not ruled out the possibility that this is a W7 issue but what has me confused is having to reflash BIOS after a stop error in order to get the thing to boot.  Like I said that could be coincidental and it may boot just fine if I press the power button 20 or 30 times.  Any assistance on this is greatly appreciated.

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          Have you read the Corsairs forum about an issue with your ram? Click here in case you have not. The only difference between your system and in the forum is the processor.

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            I had not read that.  I will take the measures suggested in the thread and see what happens.  I suspected this had something to do with power as most of these issues do.  Incidentally memtest did not fail for me like it did for the OP in that Corsair forum but that doesn't mean my BSOD issues can't be resolved by setting the voltage to 1.6 instead of 1.5


            Thanks for the insight!   I will let you know what happens.