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    Disable Intel display power saving technology in plugged in mode?


      I have a problem here.
      I'm a digital artist, and i recently got a new Laptop with intel hd graphics.

      What the display power saving technology basically does is lower the screen brightness when the image onscreen is already dark, and turn the brightness up whenever there is a bright image. What the point exactly to this is i really, really dont know, it seems pretty backwards to me, but thats beside the point here.
      So, as you can imagine, while doing digital art its INCREDIBLY irritating to constantly have your screen brightness changing, and utterly pointless to turn down the brightness when youre working in dark areas of your image. Not to mention, most art programs like photoshop, krita, or medibang all have dark layout themes, so the screen brightness goes down even more often.


      So here lies the problem:

      In the power settings theres two tabs, battery mode and plugged in mode
      in battery mode, the option to turn off the power saving thing is there and works fine, i have it disabled.

      but in plugged in mode, the option to turn it on/off is missing, but its still activated by default


      Is there any known way to turn it off in plugged in mode?? ive looked thru countless forums , reinstalled my drivers, everything, and no hope in sight.


      heres some pictures (sorry for the german, "Display-Energiespartechnologie" means display power saving technology):




      the bottom tab is plugged in mode, as you can see the option is missing, and i even have everything set to max performance.