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    Switching Framerate in Intel Graphics Settings App


      I am using a NUC6i5SYK as an HTPC. In principle everything works fine. The little machine does its job very well.

      My video source material is of different framerates:

      - 23.976p

      - 50p

      - 59.94p

      I have set up profiles for the three framerates, so I can play videos to my Panasonic projector with the native framerate to avoid judder.

      In order to switch framerate, I have to

      -  open the Intel Graphics Settings app

      - in the app click on profile

      - on the profile page select the profile form the dropdown menu

      - clock accept at the bottom of the page

      - confirm the acceptance

      Now that's quite an effort to change the framerate.

      In the AMD display driver switching the framerate is much easier:

      - right clock on the desktop

      - move the mouse pointer to the AMD Catalyst entry

      - a dropdown menu opens with the profiles

      - move to the desired profile and let go

      Intel PLEASE implement something as easy to use to switch profiles.

      Or maybe I am simply missing something?

      Thank you