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    Change Output Type?


      I know nothing about this stuff, forgive the ignorance in the words I use to describe this.


      I have a Dell All-In-One 2330 running Win10. I was attempting to set up a second monitor on it.


      I had the second monitor hooked up, no problem. I did a right-click on the Tray Icon, and it showed me the ability to select different types of monitors. I chose one, and my primary screen went black. I unplugged the secondary, and my screen came back on.


      I tried to Right Click the Tray Icon again and select a different type of monitor... except it's now showing a totally different context menu. Now I see Panel Fit, Hot Keys, etc. No options to change devices.


      I've been through the control panel for the past hour...but I must be missing something, as I find no way to undo whatever I did.


      Even after several reboots, and an uninstall of the Graphics Controller, I get a black screen on my primary as soon as I plug in the second monitor. The second monitor is also not working yet, but that's because I can't see the primary screen to actually configure it.



      Does that make any sense?


      Thank you in advance for any help.