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    After updating the BIOS incorrectly creates a table MSDM utility ITK6.efi


      Device NUC6CAYH made 04.05.2017. BIOS 29. Licensed MS DOEM necessary in BIOS (table MSDM) to record the activation key. Use the utility ITK6.EFI - the table is created, the key is written, itk6 shows that everything is OK. The final step, Windows should send proof to the cloud utility OA3TOOL. So oa3tool utility does not find key in table MSDN if all operations are performed on devices with the new BIOS is newer than the version 29. Version 29 all passes, with the newer BIOS table is not created correctly (tried version 45, then 47). Exactly the same thing is happening with devices NUC5CAYx. The support gave nothing, the second month of silent, the only sent me a VB script to see the key in the registry Windows. The problem is not solved until now. To focus on the old BIOS is not suitable, tomorrow may come the device with a new BIOS and then I can't use DOEM activation.