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    Team Bandwidth Issues\Bottleneck


      Hello All,


      Here is my situation.  I have 2 servers that are running 4 Intel Adapters Teamed for 802.3ad Link Aggregation (4Gbps).  I am able to get about 60% utilization when copying multiple files to multiple servers.  I do understand the 1GBps max when copying to a single server, that is not the issue here.  I have found, that when I am copying multiple folders to a single server, across this Team, I find that the network utilization falls to below 1%, almost .5% total.  Total Bandwidth is around 2Mbps, which is lousy.  Is this a limitation of the algorythm of the teaming software?  Am I overloading the driver\NIC processor? The total data for a single copy, is 3.4GB, 2400 files and 173 folders.  Large but not that large.  If I use windows copy and transfer this folder, using two seperate file copies, I get 15% Utilization.  This is good, since it is using a single NIC.  If I add 1 more copy of this folder, for 3 total, it tanks and ends up utilizing the above .5%.  The data just stops going on the wire.  This is localized between two sending servers.  I can copy this same folder, 6 times to 3 servers without issue.  Can someone help me with locating the bottleneck?


      Thanks in Advance!