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    STK2M364CC - Lubuntu install help


      Can someone please tell me where I am going wrong.


      I've followed multiple tutorials on how to install Ubuntu/Lubuntu onto the compute stick. But it seems I am doing something wrong.




      As you can see on this tutorial they have a "Select operating system", this I do not have.


      I've tried installing straight off a SD card and an SD card in a USB reader. All help is appreciated.

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          Al Hill

          Only Windows is SUPPORTED on your stick.

          Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Compute Sticks



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            Ok, thanks for the quick response.

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              You don't need to worry about that step as your device already uses a 64-bit bootloader (note: the article you link to is for Intel Atom devices).


              If you can outline what you actually want I'll try and help. Some questions I have are:

              • do you want to run Ubuntu (or Lubuntu) as your main OS?
              • do you want the OS to be installed on the in storage (eMMC) of the device or from a USB or micro SD card?
              • do you need to dual-boot with another OS?
              • are you concerned about storage limitations and want to run the OS across multiple storage (e.g internal plus micro SD card)?
              • are you trying to install from a USB or from a micro SD card?

              otherwise simply 'dd' the latest Canonical Ubuntu (or Lubuntu) ISO to a USB and boot from it by selecting the USB from the 'F10' menu and then install to the internal storage by double-clicking on the desktop's 'Install' icon once booted. Your device works with Ubuntu (or Lubuntu) OOTB and does not require anything special for installation.

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                Okay. Sure, no problem.


                • Lubuntu as main OS, but Ubuntu will do.
                • Either, the SD card wont be used for anything else.
                • No
                • No as it is just being used to display network graphs
                • I've tried installing from an SD card and from a USB card reader with an SD card.


                I've tried this using Etcher but when I press F10 nothing shows up.


                Thank you for your response, I'm contemplating sending it back.

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                  First I recommend using a USB rather than a micro SD card as on some devices/models the bootloader cannot 'see' the micro SD card at boot and only 'sees' it once booted (I cannot remember whether this is also the case for your device/model).


                  Secondly if you cannot use a Linux machine to write the Ubuntu/Lubuntu ISO to the USB using the 'dd' command then I recommend using 'Rufus' on Windows.


                  Ubuntu (or one of its flavours) works well on your device so persevere rather than sending it back.

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                    I am using Intel Compute Stick STK2m364CC with fedora 22 and have not have any issue, yet.