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    Issue with temperature and probably with SpedStep (i3-8100 cpu, asus z370-p motherboard)


      My build consists of: i3-8100, asus z370-p (with latest BIOS), CoolerMaster 212X. The cpu temperature rapidly increases to 70, when Linx is starting (in fist seconds of a full load). Peak temperature is 74 deg. Fan at 100% or 1600rpm (by mb controlls). I think it's too high for such cpu, isn't it? There is 65watts only. My previous xeon x5470 had 120w and never goes above 60-65 deg with similar cooler.


      I tried to change a cooler and thermal compound. Test with disabled XMP gave the same result. In the end I checked surfaces of a cooler bottom and cpu.They are both flat.


      The second strange thing is what the cpu voltage changes according to SpeedStep, but frequency is not. Is it normal? (SpeedStep option in BIOS is in enabled or auto state)(Maybe I must look at c-states in BIOS?)