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    SketchUp and Intel Graphics Driver


      I work for Intel and had this patch pushed to my levovo T460P Laptop.

      Intel Graphics Driver SKL KBL(x64) -WW


      I'm running SketchUp Pro 2018 18.0.16975 (x64) Trial versions are available for testing at Download SketchUp | SketchUp )


      When I load the program, the part of the screen where the drawing should be is black. It should be white. If I load a drawing it's still black.


      I can fix this problem if I change the default settings.

      I go into to sketchup...


      Windows > Preference >

      select the OpenGL from the box on the left


      the default is...

      "Multisample anti-aliasing"  = 4x

      "use fast feedback" = checked


      Change "Multisample anti-aliasing"  = 0x

      I can now see the windows.