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    ASUS Intel HD Graphics 4400, Which Driver?



      So over the past few days I have been having issues with my ASUS laptop, as the screen flickers pink/magenta at boot. This happens in the BIOS, in Windows 10, and Ubuntu. After about a minute, it stops. No problems. Put it to sleep - when it awakens, the same problems occur and then it stops. Already ran the Intel Processor Diagnostics tool, and everything is PASS. I checked ASUS' website, and there are no Windows 10 graphics drivers. Windows Update cannot find any either. I am running an Intel driver, version If I use the executable to update my graphics driver, it tells me I cannot, as this is a customized driver. Well, I have no idea who made it, as ASUS has no graphics drivers newer than 2015 for Windows 8.1/7 - and none for Windows 10. It isn't a huge issue, but slightly troublesome - even during boot the screen flashes pink across, like when VHS tapes would go through tracking, and display the bars across that slowly raise up and flicker. And then it magically stops after a few minutes logged in. Discrete graphics work fine, so the 745M isn't the cause. The pink flashing occurs above task manager, so it can't be an application causing it. Even under max load, no lines appear. Screen cable is nice and tight, with no pinched wires. Should I use the Intel driver, or stick with whatever Microsoft threw in during the Windows 10 upgrade, and ignore the pink lines?

      Model : ASUS Q550LF (2013)

      CPU: Intel i7-4500U

      Graphics Processor: Intel HD Graphics 4400

      OS: Windows 10 64-bit


      Thank you for any help you can give me. I'm running out of ideas.

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          Try drivers from this list Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 4400


          Select OS from right pull-down menu. Hit "show more".


          To bypass message "best driver is already installed", "customized computer manufacturer driver" or "computer is not validated" install driver via have disk method as described at:

          https://www.windowscentral.com/how-install-intel-beta-graphics-drivers-surface (ignore prolog about MS surface)

          Important: current drivers for Windows 10 require anniversary update or newer



          Regarding the flickering:

          since it already occurs in BIOS it might be a hardware issue, in best case a "cold soldering joint".

          To narrow the issue, connect an external monitor and watch if its display behaves the same.

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            I should also mention that the reason I want to know which driver to use is to try and fix my pink lines and flashes on boot.

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              Before I did anything with the driver, I plugged in my desktop monitor, and found it was doing the same thing.

              To get into safe mode in order to install the Intel driver, I had to find a way to enter safe mode without restarting, as restarting causes the computer to hang and then crash with the error code "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE". I opened command prompt after getting into advanced boot by holding "shift" while clicking the restart option. I launched cmd from recovery options, and then used bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal to launch Windows upon power off in safe mode. After I was able to get into safe mode, I then uninstalled the incompatible ASUS graphics driver, scrolled down to find the Intel Graphics (which was now recognized as "VGA Universal Adapter"), and then installed the new driver using "find disk". Afterwards, I opened up cmd as administrator, and then used bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot and restarted. The computer no longer hangs and crashes upon reboot. The Intel driver was the fix to this driver compatibility problem.

              In terms of the pink lines and flashing upon boot, I have not experienced them since driver install. I cannot be sure that this was the fix for that, but it is more important to me to regain functionality of Windows on my laptop.