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    F200 not working Windows 10 build 1709


      Hi! I have a Dell Inspiron 5559 with Intel RealSense F200, when I discovered the Windows Hello face unlock I configured it, but the camera stops working suddenly, Ii have tried all the posible solutions, but I have a new hipotesis about the problem, the camera stops working when the computer wakes from the suspention mode, looks like the RealSense service don't work when Windows is reactivated from suspention.

      Intel published an article about this, but the solution is "upgrade to an old version",they recomend to update to Windows 10 build 14393.576, but actually the problem is present since Anniversary Update (build 1607), I think that Intel should release a new driver for Windows 10, I love the camera features but we can't use it if we needs to restar Windows every time we want to use it.

      By the way, the latest version of Windows 10 is Fall Creators Update(build 1709).

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello MarioJasso, 

          Thanks for posting in the RealSense community. 

          Unfortunately the F200 drivers are not fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows 10. There are no fixed drivers and since this model of camera is end of life there will not be an updated driver. We apologize for this inconvenient. 

          Some of the troubleshooting we recommend for this issue is to reinstall the camera driver, the instructions to reinstall the driver can be found on the following link: 
          There are many workarounds posted in the RealSense Community but they don't work for all users. 

          If using the new driver does not fix your issue, it would be recommended for you to contact the manufacturer of your computer, in this case Dell and they can assist you with a factory reset regularly this would help to resolve your problem, or as you mentioned using an older version of Windows 10 or Dell can assist you with a hardware review of the issue. 

          Thanks for your understanding.

          Best Regards, 
          Juan N.