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    DVXA2 Intel 8700K 630 UHD Graphics Causing Banding on 4K HDR movies...




      I've found a serious banding issue (scenes with white clouds show a pink posterization/banding effect) with 4K UHD HDR movies, located the source to be DXVA2 - if I disable H/W GPU acceleration (Native DXVA2) in the LAV video codec, then the banding is gone and scenes look perfectly normal.

      I'm using an intel 8700k on-board Intel 630 UHD graphics GPU, tried MB latest graphic drivers and also intel's latest but both exhibit exactly the same issue.

      Players -

      MPC-BE, MPC-HC Powerdvd 17


      Codec's used with MPC variants.
      Latest MadVR for HDR passthrough
      Latest LAV codecs - all used with UHD playback



      Images of issue...