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    WHEA-Logger Event "A corrected hardware error has occurred" 8700k is faulty?


      Hi. Today i checked my event viewer and found some weird errors in 21.01.2018 :



      System Warning 21/01/2018

      A corrected hardware error has occurred.



      Reported by component: Processor Core

      Error Source: 1

      Error Type: 9

      Processor ID: 0








      I have to remark that besides the event monitor logs there are no other symptoms of malfunctioning processor - it works like a charm. I'm just concerned if these corrected errors won't become critical errors in the future and I want to know the nature of them - maybe I have a buggy system or something?


      Its only in 21.01.2018 day. I remember that system was idle in night this time.



      Ok my pc:

      8700K stock, MTU on, 4700mhz auto

      Asus Z370 Pro Gaming

      16GB DDR 3000MHZ ( XMP )

      Corsair 750i

      SSD Crucial 525GB


      Windows 10 clean install 1709 Creator Fall Update



      Temps of cpu fine,temps of gpu fine. Never had any single BSOD. Memtest86 no errors. All benchmarks passing, no crashing in games



      . Only saw that error in event viewer which make think that is still with cpu or what?