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    DX58SO boot roulette: doesn't POST if shutdown more than 3hours, and now, no boot at all




      I built a PC with a DX58SO one week ago. Shipped with an old BIOS, I updated it with the latest version available (5020). It worked well but I saw an odd thing: it doesn't boot if the PC was shutdown more than 3 hours!! Blank screen, no beep, no activity, no POST.


      I had to place the BIOS jumper into configuration mode position, boot, enter BIOS and I had to fake an update in my settings (i.e. select something already selected), save, place the jumper to its normal position and finally boot. Really annoying. But again, if I start my computer one hour after its last use, it boots fine. Crazy.


      After using my computer for 4 days with this strange boot process, I read a lot of topics on this forum, and somebody advised to disable the failsafe watchdog. So I disabled it. Now, the mobo doesn't boot at all. The configure mode trick doesn't work too and I can't enter into the maintenance BIOS!


      I tried a BIOS recovery with the version 4405 of DX58SO BIOS (a "stable" release as you guys say). But it fails: blank screen, no beep, no HDD activity, nothing. The mobo absolutely doesn't care about my USB key or my CD. I can't recover my BIOS and now, I have the most expensive useless computer I never had in my room.


      I also tried to clear the CMOS memory by removing the battery. No luck.


      It really ****** me off. Any idea? What can I do? I won this motherboard from a web site and I don't know what to do if I have to replace it...


      PS: please excuse my english and my vulgarity, it's not my native tongue and I'm really exhausted by this thing


      BTW, my configuration:


      Core i7 920 D0

      Triple channel 6GB OCZ Reaper PC12800 / 1600MHz

      Corsair HX 750 Watts

      ATi Radeon 5970 2GB

      Samsung Spinpoint F1 1To

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