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    Problems of installing ubuntu on Aero


           Hi all,  when I followed the wiki (90 (References) OS user Installation · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub ) to install

      ubuntu on Aero, I had several problems:

           (1) I installed the yocto embedded linux first and updated bios, flashed flight controller, fpga successfully, the apt-get-version.py reported

                currect versions of the bios, fpga and fc. Then I installed ubuntu, and when I finished and installed the aero repository,

                the versions of fpga and fc got from apt-get-version.py were unknown, but the wiki said the fpga and fc will be kept. This is the first


           (2) I decided to reinstall fpga and fc, there are two problems:

                1) I successfully flased the fpga, but the versions of fpga were still unknown when I typed apt-get-version.py.

                2) I could not flash the flight controller, as it reported "unable to read force bootloader pin value".

           (3) The mavlink seemed not to be installed successfully, as when I type "sudo systemctl restart mavlink-router",

                 it reported "Job for mavlink-router.service failed because the control process exited with error code".


           Look forward to your responce.Intel_JesusCommunityAdminIntel® Aero Platform for UAVs