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    Booting intel edison board from SD card or pendrive


      Tutorials are available just for rootfs that will boot from SD.

      I have some cases that I would like to know

      1 . I would like to put u-boot and kernel images in external SD card/ Pen-drive and bring up the board without using flash memory or internal SD.

      2 . Then from u-boot, I would like to read external SD card, and copy kernel/DTB/rootfs in RAM.

      Is these two scenarios are possible ?

      3 . What is the booting process of edison board.

      4 . In u-boot, how to read file (zImage using fatload) from external SD card. In my case I am not able to see external SD card if I command mmcinfo.Intel® Makers

      Thanks in advance.


      Any help will be appreciated.

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