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    NUC7i7BNH - Won't boot, orange power button



      I've received my NUC7i7BNH yesterday, promptly added an SSD and memory (Crucial DD4 1.2V 2133mhz 8gb) and installed Ubuntu.

      It was working properly as far as I could tell and it had the latest BIOS version.

      I left it on overnight and in the morning noticed the device was off (orange power button).

      Clicking the power button now does nothing except a short blink of the power button led.

      This behavior remains consistent even after reconnecting the power supply, removing all USB devices and the SSD and alternating memory slots.

      Once in a while, after reconnecting the power supply, the power button starts blinking for a couple of seconds (no blinking pattern) after which is goes back to the behavior described above.

      A short video is attached.


      I'd appreciate and further ideas or a confirmation that the device is defective.

      Thanks a lot.


      Update: The memory stick is not the issue as another SO-DIMM results in the same behavior.

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