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    Trouble scanning reflective spheres with D435 camera


      Hi everyone,


      Here is the set I use to capture the 3D scene. I need a precise shape of the two objects located on the white paper. However, the depth point cloud that I obtain is not precise at all (and contains lot of noise).






      I put here two images that show the obtained point cloud. Where I should have spheres I obtain some "pyramids". The object shape itself isn't good.


      Conditions of the set:


      Preset: high accuracy

      Distance camera-object: 45 cm

      Lib realsense SDK: 2.9.1






      Can you give me some advises in order to obtain good quality images?


      Best Regards,


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          It could be that the camera is having difficulty scanning the spheres because of their reflective surface.  Applying a fine spray-on powder such as foot powder or baby powder to the objects can reduce reflectiveness and improve the image quality.


          Spheres can be awkward to scan anyway because they do not have many edges for the camera to recognize.  You may get better results if you put an object with complex edges on behind the spheres to give the camera more detail to lock on to.  Another way to help the camera to lock on to objects that are difficult to read is to place a background behind the objects to act as a 'horizon' for the image.