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    DG41RQ VS pentium D 935


      I put a Pentium D 935 DG41RQ on the motherboard, but it did not start the video, works with pentium D 935 ? thanks

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          I'm sorry to say this, but none of the Intel 3-series or higher Desktop Boards support your Pentium D processor at all. The last Intel chipset to support your processor was the Intel 900-series chipsets.


          Here is the full list of supported processors for your motherboard:




          Note that it supports only those processors based on the Intel Core technology. Your Pentium D, on the other hand, is of the older NetBurst technology and is no longer officially supported in the 3-series or higher chipsets.


          The Pentium D Processor should not be confused with the Pentium Dual-Core Processor. The former is based on the old NetBurst technology (and thus is a dual-core Presler version of the Cedar Mill Pentium 4 processor) while the latter is essentially a cache-reduced version of the Core 2 Duo Processor.

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            thanks =(