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    Ideas for remote repair or utility disk?


      An open question to the community on using Intel vPro for remotely diagnosing, repairing, or imaging a hard drive.


      First some foundational items.  Intel vPro supports Serial-over-LAN and IDE-Redirection.  These two features allow for the following:

      • Serial-over-LAN - Terminal session to view the client console from time of power-up until OS bootloader or GUI.

      • IDE-Redirection - Ability to specify a different boot drive as recognized by the local system OR to define an ISO image to be loaded from the management server.


      This raises some interesting questions and ideas:

      • If the Intel vPro system has a diagnostic or recovery option at power up (e.g. F12) - would a Serial-over-LAN session allow "remote diagnostics"?  An interesting twist here is the ability to see boot errors or prompts - and being able to respond to them remotely.


      • If the Intel vPro system has a local recovery drive\partition - would IDE-Redirection allow a change of drive boot order?  The short answer is yes.  Interested to know if community members have tried this and have some feedback.


      • If the local drive partition or file configuration is incorrect, would IDE-Redirection allow for remote repair?  The short answer is yes.  The follow-up question is what bootable ISO images are being used out there?  For example - reinstall a system using WinPE or BartPE (about 150MB image), LinuxBoot ISO for diagnostic\imaging, or Recovery911 type image?


      • If reimaging a group of systems, does IDE-Redirection replace or extend an existing PXE Server?  The short answer is no.  PXE Servers use multi-cast and provide some great configuration options.  IDE-Redirection is unicast based or meant from re-directing the local system boot order.  Followup question here - what has the community experienced?  (anyone tried a bootable ISO to initiate a PXE\multi-cast OS load?  The value is Intel vPro remote power functions ensure reliable power-on of the system)