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    Intel Unite Standalone Hub 3.2.8 change pin


      I installed Intel Unite Standalone Hub 3.2.8 inside a Dell Optilex 7050. How can I change the pin?

      I don't have Management Console and can't find Reserved Pin

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello CHARMTOP,

          I understand that you are having problems changing the pin of the standalone Intel Unite Hub, I apologize for any inconvenience. 

          Regarding this, I would like you to check the following user guide to see if it answers the question:


          If this does not help, please let me know exactly what you mean with the "reserved pin" please so I can assist you in a better way.

          David V

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            Dear David,


            Thank you for your email and help.


            I checked the user guide. The user guide is an old Ver. 1.6. It have a great difference with the current Ver

            1. 1.       Shared Key features is taken out
            2. 2.       The PIN is 6 digit and the current Ver is 8 digit.




            We installed a “Intel Unite Standalone Hub” Ver. in a Dell Optiplex 7050. According to the training video, we known that the PIN will refresh every  5 mins. However  we found the PIN changed only after reboot. Please help




            Best regards

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              Hi Ho Chi Ki




              For Small Business Configuration, in earlier software versions, connecting to the Intel Unite® application required a 6 digit numeric PIN; since 3.x software version, connecting requires to enter an 8 digit alphanumeric PIN displayed on the room display where the session is taking place.


              As far as I know, it is not posible to change the PIN (in Small Business mode), it is not posible to modify the PIN. It is calculated by the Intel Unite SW. If you need to define specific PINs for different meeting romos, you would need to configure the solution in Enterprise Mode