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    RealSense picking out large items at long range in daylight?


      Hello, I am new to the Aero Platform, and RealSense, and have been doing a lot of studying of the specs, etc.  My application is going to involve tracking large items (think the size of pool table or larger) using 2D tracking techniques from the UAV platform hovering at somewhere around 100 meters, possibly a bit higher.  I obviously will not be using any of the built-in depth sensing capability, but am hoping to simply get 2D item identification and X/Y tracking data from the vision system. I can write the code to calculate the other motion characteristics I want to generate if I can get only those data to start with.


      As a way to get started with a system that would allow me to do a proof of concept of my code, would the existing Aero development kit, with the R200, be able to do what I want from that hover altitude, assuming full daylight to illuminate the scene?  Or, would I be forced to go to one of the ZR300 series, or the new 400 series, in order to get something that would even work at all?