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    Desktop Board DX58SO Bios Version


      I have a DX58SO Intel Desktop Board revision -001 August 2008 and I need to know which is the original bios version of this motherboard. I have updated the latest bios version and I did not work well. I want to return to the original factory version.


      Please I need help.



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          The only way to revert to an earlier BIOS version is to pull the BIOS CONFIG jumper completely out to put the motherboard into BIOS recovery mode. You will need to download the "recovery BIOS" version of that BIOS (with the file extension ending in ".BIO") in order to work. And you will need a USB flash drive in order to flash the BIOS image from a recovery file (using a CD for this is not as reliable as from a USB flash drive). Copy the recovery BIOS file to your USB flash drive before you proceeed with the reversion. If this is your only computer, you will need access to somebody else's computer in order to download and copy the files.


          That said, you might have a later-stepping processor which will not work properly with an early BIOS version. (For example, the D0 stepping of the Intel i7 processors requires BIOS version 4021 or higher in order to work properly.) The BIOS version that was originally released for this motherboard was 2127 - but you would not want to use that particular BIOS version at all even if you have the very first retail-boxed i7 processor. That processor (C0 stepping) requires at least BIOS version 2388 in order to work properly.

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