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    NUC7i3BNH Connection To TV




      I have a NUC7i3BNH which is connected to my Samsung TV UA43J5500 through HDMI cable for about 5 months and everything worked fine until couple of days ago.

      The NUC boots but it turns into black screen before the windows login.

      I tried to restart, change HDMI cable, replace port on the TV but nothing helped.


      When I connected the NUC to other DELL screen it works fine.


      What could go wrong?


      What should I do?


      I'm despaired.




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          If the TV was working for the BIOS, but then goes black for Windows, then a graphics driver update installed by Windows Update is likely the issue. Most of the time, this occurs because if a mismatch between the BIOS and the Windows graphics driver. First step is to update to the latest BIOS. If this doesn't fix it, then install the latest driver available on the downloads page for your NUC.


          Hope this helps,