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    Intel core i5 3210m (EIST) clock loss


      Hi. I'm having a problem with the i5 3210m clock. It has a standard 2.5 GHz clock with a 3.2 GHz turbo. During normal notebook usage, it maintains a 2.5 Ghz speed, but during a non-CS GO game, the clock is locked at 1, 19 GHz. It goes into idle mode. The second survey could have improved enhanced intel speedstep technology (EIST) technology, which shrinks the clock to save energy at a time that does not require intensive processing. The problem is that it disturbs the game. How are you disabled this feature?

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          Hi Wallys,

          I understand the processor clock speed is maintained at 1.19 Ghz when playing Counter Strike. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Let me help you on this matter.

          You will need to access the computer BIOS and check the configuration to disable Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology.
          Since you have a laptop computer I recommend contacting your computer manufacturer for further details about your BIOS configuration.

          Allan J.