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    Help! Intel Wireless 3945ABG Connection disconnects itself.



      My computer recently has failed my on the wireless connection. I am using Intel Proset Wireless 3945ABG connection that runs on Windows XP SP3. This computer was bought about 3 years ago and the problem started coming in about a year ago. Now, the problem has been intensified and disconnects the computer every about 10 to 15 mins. I always have to "repair" my connection by disabling and enabling the driver. Similar to what others have been experiencing, the connection disconnects without any reason and the driver software shows it as "Wireless radio turned on". I cannot connect from then on. I also cannot reset my driver from the software (the one that runs during windows startup). Although I am using the newest patch as of today (i just went to check), the internet still disconnects itself. Can someone help me with this problem? Many thanks.