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    My audio is not working on DG41RQ

      As I mentioned my audio is not working properly on my board. I have already changed 3 boards and all are having the same problem.

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          SAME HERE!! This is my second mother board that I bought from NEAT Lanka, its an Intel DG41RQ and this is my second board!! I can't believe Intel is so careless about these things...Please give me a proper solution because Im really tired of removing and fixing my board. I installed all drivers, but this doesn't detect its own audio hardware. Please. Give us a solution.

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            Same problem here, I purchased an Intel DG41RQ on March, from NEAT Lanka, audio stopped working in a week. Later I got a replacement from them, came home and fixed it. To see it had no audio working at all..Intel is so dissatisfying, although they provide solutions, they are not trustable. I have the serial no. of the board's and I have all proof to claim that this fact is true. Please provide me with a solution Intel. Thank You.