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    [Urgent][Help] I've Set Up an R200 (RDK). Now I Need to Take a Depth Photo / Model.




      TL;DR: I have a fresh Ubuntu on the UP Board of my RDK, R200 plugged and ready to be used (followed Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit | Developer Journey). All I need is to take a picture and get an OBJ file out of it. Any way at all to do it would be golden, step-by-step please as I'm a complete newbie! Thank you very much.


      I'm on a pretty strict deadline for a school project.

      I've finished setting up the SR200 from the RDK I ordered (which took a long time!) and am now looking to make a model out of my face with it.

      Information on what to do are scattered in bits everywhere, and I don't have time, nor a good enough knowledge of Ubuntu, to face that...


      I see two options: download the SDK from Intel that's full but Windows only (done) and run it from Wine (Wine is installed, where do I go from here?)

      Or follow this: librealsense/installation.md at v1.12.1 · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


      This should be a pretty complete SDK I should be able to take a picture with. The installation info is extremely cryptic though.

      For instance:


      sudo scripts/install_qt.sh (we also need qmake from the full qt5 distribution)


      Is not a command. Command not found.



      all.pro contains librealsense and all example applications


      What am I meant to do? Same for the rest of the indications.

      For information, I've finished the tutorial the RDK gives you out of the box : Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit | Developer Journey

      That means my Ubuntu version is 16.04.

      I have VERY limited knowledge of Ubuntu. I would absolutely love if you could ELI5 ("Explain Like I'm Five") as much as possible so to make sure I don't do anything wrong - step-by-step. I'm not even sure if the options I propose are good for what I want to do now. I'd also like quick indications of what to do once the SDK is set up, if it even is the SDK I'm looking for.


      I'm sorry to be asking this much. Information has been very hard to find, and so have been people on the Internet from which I can get quick support who have used Intel Realsense... And, again, I don't have much time at all. I've already wasted a weekend setting up this camera and I feel like screaming.


      Thank you very much in advance,

      Guy L.


      EDIT: Guess I can also try this out: Introduction to Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Linux: Getting Started  ...

      EDIT 2: Guess not. To clarify again, all I need is to be able to scan a model from my R200. Of my face. The goal is to get some kind of OBJ file in the end.

      EDIT 3: Maybe I don't need any SDKs. I'm trying to use RViz, but here are the issues I get:

      • The camera has a near clipping plane that makes me unable to get a clear model of my face -- is it changeable?
      • Though the terminal doesn't give any error, in RViz, it's as though after 5-10 seconds, the stream just ends. It leaves me with a PointCloud and stops moving. I can Reset it, and it just removes the point cloud.
      • Wouldn't be a problem if I could then turn it into a model. But I see no way of doing that!

      EDIT 4: This is EXACTLY what I want! But he's installed the camera from his PC, not on the UP Board! Is there a way for me to do that? I do have the USB 3 to USB 2 converter... If this is possible, then that means I wasted my whole weekend for nothing. Please answer quickly as I am getting very stressed!

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          Your options for achieving this project (3D model scanning) with an Up board are very limited, unfortunately.  Due to the lack of 3D scanning options for Ubuntu and your unfamiliarity with Ubuntu, Windows would seem like your best option.  Whilst Up boards can use Windows 10, I am concerned about whether the R200 will work correctly with Windows on this board (the Up board uses a special type of USB 3.0 port for mobiles called USB OTG - On The Go), as it was validated by Intel for use with Ubuntu.  At this point though, anything is probably worth trying!


          The Up board is essentially a mini PC (albeit with a limited hardware specification), and so should be able to have Windows 10 installed straight onto it without using Wine - normally used to run Windows applications on a Mac - as described in the YouTube video below.


          Windows10 Install on an UP Board - YouTube


          I would recommend wiping the Windows / Wine installation you have done and starting from the beginning with just an install of Windows 10, as described in the video.  Then once you have Windows 10 up and running, you will be able to see whether the R200 is going to work with it through the USB 3.0 OTG port.

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            Hey! Thank you very much for your answer.


            Unfortunately, I've wasted a lot of time installing Ubuntu this weekend. I'd like to know if installing Windows will take nearly as much time... I need the camera to be ready for Tuesday! Also, would there be a way to backup my Ubuntu system just in case?


            Even if I follow your tutorial to the end, I'm still not sure what will have to be done then...

            Would I just follow the tutorial I've linked in the Edit 4 of my original question?

            Speaking of which, from what I understand, he has the Camera plugged to a personal PC - not an UP Board! Will I be able to follow his tutorial regardless?


            I'd absolutely love if you could be more detailed in the steps I will have to take tonight once I come home.

            I'm sorry to be asking too much, but I absolutely need to be ready for tomorrow.


            Thank you very much in advance,

            Guy. L.



            P.S.: Could you link any form of live chatting option with you? Do you have a Discord, Messenger, Whatsapp, IRC, any such thing? It would make my install tonight much easier and allow me to also work on other things if I finish early . Again, thank you very much in advance!

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              Update for Intel support agents: I have begun the support process with Guy via private message on this forum and advised him.


              Guy has chosen to put a Windows 10 on on a USB boot stick and then install the RealSense SDK '2016 R2' if Windows 10 is successfully installed on the Up Board.  Then he will try to use the 3DScan sample that comes with R2 to create and export his 3D face model.  He may require further support from an Intel support agent during today (Monday) as his work progresses.

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