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    My network card puts my PC into sleep mode whenever I use internet.




      It's been a few weeks since my computer started going to sleep mode when I was using internet.
      A few days ago, I went to a computer reparing guy, who said there was some issue with the card settings and the driver, putting the computer to sleep mode when i was using too much data.
      So he "fixed it", YouTube and Facebook were working well, but twitch livestream kept putting my computer to sleep mode.


      And now it's back to what it was


      Before giving him my computer, I ran 3 antiviruses, and reseted it completly,


      I've researched answers on internet, but I can't find anything related to my problem.


      So i'm turning to you guys, hoping that you can help me.


      My card is an Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260, and the last last driver is installed :


      My computer is a ASUS T302CHI, Windows 10.


      Thank you.