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    New video driver for 4th gen. CPU -- sloppy release notes


      Woohoo! New video driver for my wonderful Haswell CPU:




      Interestingly the first sentence states that this new driver "is simply a security update" -- then below, under What is new?, we read about the relatively boring bug fixes and EDID override.


      Then below all that is a link




      to the Release Notes, but when perusing said PDF, we find that the "security update" is merely a rename of the installer from setup.exe to igxpin.exe.


      QUESTION #1 So what is "insecure" about the installer for a graphics driver being named setup.exe??


      And FYI note that the release notes PDF incorrectly gives the version number as 4578, which is the previous version from a year ago, and the release date as January 12, 2017 - should be 2018.


      The release notes for year-old 4578, under Known Issues, lists these 8:


      Doom 3 - Corruption is seen in the main menu and in the intro of the game

      Two active taskbars sometimes seen when hot unplugging DP monitor in extended mode

      Corruption seen on Outlook 2013 reports

      Hitman™ Absolution game stops after cinematic when quality settings are high

      Green corruption seen with Overlay + YUV +xvYcc/YCbCr enabled on HDMI

      Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain- Corruption on water

      Angry Birds - Corruption is seen During Maximizing & Minimizing

      Overlay application does not work when opening it in dual display configuration with a tiled display and eDP


      QUESTION #2 Have these been fixed?