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    external usb drive for PCiE drive


      I am looking for a external case to hold an intel  M.2 80mm PCiE 3.0 X4 3D1 TLC with a M key end.  I am looking for an external case with a USB attachment so I can use this drive as an external drive.  I I have been able to fing is cases that except the B key and the B + M key buy nothing for the M key.  Anybody have any help ???

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi gfhs,

          Thank you for contacting our support community. We understand your concern regarding the USB enclosure for the SSD. 

          We would like to inform you that we do not support/ manufacture USB Enclosure adapters. Also, we are not aware of any such as an adapter for M.2 NVMe* to USB, only the M.2 SATA to USB adapter.  

          There may be 3rd party adapters but we were not able to find any of those. 

          Junior M.