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    OpenGL 2.1 sdk  impossible to find


      hello is there a possible way to even find any older versions of opengl or did it just all of the sudden vanish ever since windows 10 rat got release?


      i got a program that i have been working on for a while that uses openGL 2.1 that i made on my older PC that runs windows 7 and i tried using it on the godly awful windows 10  after buying a new PC and it seems that intel driver has forced itself to use a garbage version of opengl 4.5.  i would love to downgrade if that is even possible with this embarrassment of a OS(win10)  is there even a possible way to get atleast the Opengl libraries from 2.1 or even 2.0 ?


      reason i did not retrieve from my old pc is because the HDD burned out and is not responding to anything and i managed to find my old version of my program on external drive without the libraries i need to compile correctly or my already compiled version doesnt work with the new windows 10 because of the opengl 4.5