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    unsupported memory message - Crucial 8GB



      I've read the the post on Unsupported 1 Gb / 2 Gb density SODIMM(s) detected on SODIMM Slot 2. System instability or data loss possible. Please replace with SODIMMs with 4Gb or higher density. Continue (Y/N). but from what I see, I have the proper type of memory modules.


      Tried to install 2x4GB Crucial DDR3L modules, 1.35v, CT2KIT51264BF160B on my NUC6CAYS, and I still get the message, computer boots normally when I press No, but get the message again every time I try to boot.


      is there something I missed?


      p.s. It's a brand new computer, just did all the BIOS &WIN10 updates and all the driver updates last sunday