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    nuc7i5 no audio


      i have lost the audio to my 3.5 jack since windows did their update

      if i click on speaker in bottom right it just scans and says restart to finish installing drivers and updates. yet never does anything

      my control panel - sound says no devices are installed. no matter how many times i completely remove them from the system and reinstall from intel

      device manager - sound - asks me to reinstall the drivers for this device   code 18

      if i try to update driver from device manager it will not update. even when i select the file from my desktop download

      so then i uninstall from device manager, scan for hardweare changes and it says yello exclamation on intel high definition audio. when i click it it says device is not configured correctly   code 1

      so i select update driver -- link   it searches the web then comes back and says  access is denied   wtf   I AM ADMINISTRATOR ON THIS NUC

      I HAVE DOWNLOADED the latest driver from intel  x64

      i run the setup to install and it completes the process and asks for a restart... which i do and end up with the exact same issue    NO AUDIO

      i have differnet case #s open with microsoft but they keep passing me off to 800.936.4900 which after entering all the pertinent info says the number is disconnected and hangs up. good job idiots