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    Short range performance of SR300 vs D400 cameras


      I would like to know how the SR300 and D400 cameras compare for short range applications such as face tracking?

      Are the D400 cameras performing equally well/better?

      Or are there any reasons to rather still keep buying the SR300 (Creative BlasterX)?

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          There is currently little data about face tracking with the 400 Series to make a proper comparison with the well-established SR300, as most people have used the new cameras for scanning objects and environments rather that body areas up til now.  So your choices include:


          1.  Use the Creative BlasterX Senz3D (or the Razer Stargazer, another SR300-compatible camera) with the built-in face tracking support of one of the old Windows SDKs, preferably the '2016 R2' version for optimum stability of face tracking.


          2.  Use the SR300 or a 400 Series camera with the RealSense SDK 2.0 in combination with a face-tracking module on another software platform such as OpenCV.


          The same options apply to hand tracking.